I am currently working on various projects:

ALGOPOL: Value-sensitive and transparent algorithmization in the police: Public organizations increasingly use algorithms for their daily work processes. However, this usage has resulted in several concerns about undesirable outcomes, such as discrimination or unfair treatment of citizens. This NWO-funded project investigates in which ways (1) value-sensitivity and (2) transparency may strengthen citizens’ trust in the use of these algorithms. This independent academic research of ALGOPOL takes place in collaboration with the Dutch National Police and will result in outcomes that contribute to strengthening legitimacy.

Trust in Regulation and Governance in Europe (TiGRE): TiGRE is a multidisciplinary research project which benefits from the expertise of nine top-level universities and research centres and one SME, from nine different countries, bringing together a broad range of theoretical and methodological skills. TiGRE receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Special Interest Group on “AI, government and behavior”: I coordinatie this SIG with Floris Bex. We aim to foster closer collaboration between Utrecht University’s focus areas of Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) and Governing the Digital Society (GDS). In this joint SIG, scholars from computer science, behavioral science and public administration join forces to contribute to the trustworthy use of AI-powered technologies in public organizations, such as the police, ministerial departments and municipalities.

Our main ambition is creating a ‘two-way street’ for computer scientists, behavioral scientists, and social scientists to contribute to AI systems that will improve behavior and decision-making of government workers.