My name is Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen, assistant professor at the Utrecht University School of Governance. On this website you will find links to my publications and other information that you might find useful.

These questions drive my research:

Can public organizations increase trust by providing better information?

My research looks at how information influences citizens’ views of public organizations. In a time of seemingly raging citizen distrust of government, the ultimate question to me is “can public organizations increase trust by providing them with better information?” A systemic overview of the literature on this topic shows evidence is mixed.

Can we help citizens better understand judicial decision-making? 

Most recently my research efforts focus on how courts can help citizens better understand their decisions. Citizens are often angry with judges because they perceive punishment to too lenient. Can a better understanding of judicial decision-making improve understanding and, ultimately, public acceptance of judicial decisions? This article I co-authored suggests that it is possible.

How can we use insights and methods from other disciplines to improve our understanding of the public sector? 

Together with colleagues I co-authored this piece on behavioral public administration (open access). We describe behavioral public administration as the interdisciplinary analysis of public administration from the micro-level perspective of individual behavior and attitudes by drawing on recent advances in our understanding of the underlying psychology and behavior of individuals and groups.

Also, I co-edited two special issues aimed at broadening the theoretical and methodological awareness of public administration scholarship (one of BPA here and one on methods here).